What is it Like to be a Successful Blogger?

“Knowledge Is Power”

There are lots of articles on how to become successful as a blogger but if you read in between the lines on most of them, you might get the nagging suspicion that the authors are not themselves actually successful bloggers…
That means that a lot of the content you read about blogging is speculative and hypothetical – which isn’t terribly useful.
What would be useful would be to hear what being a successful blogger is actually like. What is it like on a day to day basis? What are the positives and negatives of making money this way? Let’s take a moment to answer those questions…

The Day-to-Day

One of the reasons that a lot of people want to become successful bloggers is because they think it’s a completely work-free, stress-free job. Of course this is not in fact the reality. While it’s true that running a blog is definitely much easier than working 9-5 in an office, you shouldn’t think that you can just relax all day if you’re a blogger.
If you want blogging to be your full time ‘career’ then you need to treat it as such and you need to work ‘full time’ on it.
That said, this is definitely a ‘leisurely’ full-time. You can probably get away with 5 hours a day with the TV on… But if you ignore your blog you’ll see your income wane.

In terms of stress?

Blogging is a lot less stressful in many ways than having a boss breathing over your shoulder but it is still a little stressful. One of the sources of these stresses is simply the fact that you won’t want to lose your fortunate position. If you’re making a living from a blog, how do you ensure that you stay that way? What if you wake up one day and your AdSense account is revoked? What if Google has taken your site off of page one? These thoughts will haunt you… So be smart and make sure your business is resilient.


Something that is really pretty awesome about being a blogger is all the fans. People will e-mail you praising your work, asking for advice and generally treating you like a celebrity. It’s a massive ego boost. But then you’ll also get trolls, you’ll get people saying ‘hey I live down the road from you!’ (which is creepy) and you’ll have e-mails you can’t answer.

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Health Tips for Full Time Bloggers

“Knowledge Is Power”

When your blog starts going well, you might decide it’s time to give up the day job and go ‘full time’. This is an excellent feeling and a great moment – all of a sudden you’re able to enjoy true financial freedom and passive income and you’ll never have to make a busy commute into work at 7am again!
But at the same time, blogging full time also comes with a few drawbacks. Chief among these is the simple fact that it’s not terribly healthy. When you blog full time, you’ll be spending most of your day sitting in front of the computer at home and staring at a screen. This has consequences – so read on to find out how to avoid the most severe of those…

Exercise and Stretch

Sitting is incredibly bad for you. Not only does it mean your heart is at a complete rest, which can cause it to atrophy but it also means that you’ll be in the same position for long periods of time shortening your quadriceps, loosening your hamstrings and hunching over. Back ache and poor mobility are almost guaranteed if you aren’t careful.
The best tonic for these problems is to exercise daily and to stretch daily too. Ideally, do this just after you wake up and that way you’ll be able to freshen yourself up for the day and enjoy feeling more focused for the remaining hours.
Also important is to get up and walk around during your work sessions. Take ten minute breaks and use them to get some movement and some fresh air!

Your Work Environment

Another big problem for bloggers is that their work environment happens to be the same as their resting environment. For some people this can mean never leaving the house which is a surefire way to get poor sleep and cabin fever. It also means you’re taking no steps.
So when working out, make sure you’re working out at the gym. And at the same time, consider working somewhere other than your home. You can get fresh air, social interaction and great beverages if you work in a coffee shop instead. Another good option is to work in a public library.


Finally, make sure you are managing your work/life balance. As a blogger you are always working and never working. Be disciplined to maintain a separation between your working hours and your resting hours.

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Growth Hacking 101 – Using Influencer Marketing for Your Blog

“Knowledge Is Power”

Growth hacking’ is a popular buzz word on the web at the moment and for obvious reasons. The idea behind growth hacking is to ‘hack’ or ‘cheat’ the usual growth trajectory of any new blog and thereby get to the point where you’re bringing in thousands of hits a day long before you normally would. Growing a blog is a matter of following a set system and as with any system, there are ways to ‘game’ the process and shortcuts to be found.
A great example of this is ‘influencer marketing’. This is one of the most powerful tools available to any blogger which can help you to instantly communicate with a gigantic audience instead of feeling like you’re talking to an empty room for months…
What is Influencer Marketing?
So how does influencer marketing work?
The simple idea here is that you overcome the limitation of not having a huge audience by using someone else’s huge audience.
A simple way to do this is through a ‘solo ad’. Here, you pay someone to promote you to their mailing list, which could mean reaching thousands of followers.
The only problem with that strategy is that you get what you pay for. Reaching a worthwhile audience may cost more than you have to spare.
Instead then, you might do better to focus on other ways to work with influencers – for instance getting them to retweet your messages on Twitter or to publish your post on their blog (this is called guest blogging).

How to ‘Hack’ Influencer Marketing

And guess what? Influencer marketing can be hacked too! In other words, there are ways you can reach the big influencers faster if you know how to go about it…
One example of this, is to combine influencer marketing with real world networking. In other words, if you can speak to an influencer in the real world, they’ll be far more likely to give you a shoutout. If you take a photo with them, you could even upload it to Instagram and tag you both in it!
Another tip is to aim at the right level of influencer. Don’t go straight for Richard Branson – start small and then work your way up. The ideal influencer to work with is someone who is at a similar level to you but just slightly ahead. That way, you’ll still have something to offer them in return.

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How to Get More From Old Content on Your Blog

“Knowledge Is Power”

If you’ve read around and you know your stuff when it comes to creating and running a blog, then no doubt you should know by now the value of sharing your new content as you upload it. Create a post, share said post on Reddit, Google+, Twitter, Facebook… rinse and repeat. Simple!
But what if you don’t have time to update your blog with new content every day? Does that mean you can’t do any promotion that day?
Of course not! It simply means that you should look for ways to promote your old content to get repeat traffic from old posts.

Lightning Can Strike Twice

Say you created a post on Bruce Lee, uploaded it to your site and then shared it on social media and it went somewhat viral. Maybe it got you thousands and thousands of hits on that day alone and then trailed off for the next few days.
Does that mean that you’re done with that post just because you already shared it once?
Of course not! An article on Bruce Lee is what you would call ‘evergreen’. That means that it will remain relevant no matter how old it becomes because it isn’t based on current trends or on topical news items. Thus you could promote it again ten years from now and have the same exact amount of success.
In fact, you could actually post the content to the very same place and probably still get a big response. Why? Because there are billions of people online – if the community is a big one then chances are your post will be seen by mostly new people the second time around.
But better yet, why not look for new places to share it? Other social networks, forums or social bookmarking sites?
If you consider that each of your blog posts has the potential to rake in thousands of views, that means you’re probably sitting on a veritable goldmine if you have a website packed with old content!
Want to get even more use out of your old posts? Then consider updating them from time to time. This way you have a legitimate reason to post them in the same place you’ve had success before and Google will also see the content as being relevant and up-to-date. This is a big help for your SEO!

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Adding a Vlog to Your Blog

“knowledge Is Power”

Want to increase the popularity of your blog, gain more visitors and strengthen your relationship and authority with those existing fans?

One of the most effective ways to do all these things is to add video to your site. Not only is video highly engaging and difficult to look away from, it’s also highly persuasive and very personal. For building a ‘personal brand’ in particular, this is one of the very best ways to let your visitors get to know you.

Creating Your Vlog

The best way to create a vlog is by creating a YouTube channel, which you can brand to be in-keeping with your site. YouTube lets you upload videos which you can then easily share on social media and embed into your content.

Next you’ll need to create your videos. To do this, all you need is a camera (your phone camera is likely good enough if it can record in 1080p) and you’ll need a topic. In terms of topics, you can actually be very successful by making video versions of your most popular articles. You can even just read them out! You can then either upload your footage ‘unedited’ or you can upload it after making it look more professional with software like Adobe Illustrator or the free Movie Maker.

Tips for Creating Great Looking Videos

Shy to step in front of the camera? Keep in mind then that you can easily create content for your videos using PowerPoint presentations, or animated ‘whiteboard’ software.

Alternatively, if you’re going to film yourself talking, take some time to look at popular videos in your niche to see how they do it.

Some universal truths that will help you to be a success are:

* Think about lighting and ideally try to be lit from the side. This is called ‘Rembrandt lighting’.
* Consider your audio too – filming with a mic is the best option if possible.
* Dress smart but don’t look like you’re trying too hard.
* When reading, pause between each sentence. You can also just talk naturally which will come across as friendlier and more natural.
* Think about your background and try to set up a corner of a room that will look professional. You can even try hanging a poster with your logo on it for added bonus points!

Post a few videos regularly and upload them as articles on your site. You’ll find that it adds more to the site and brings in lots of new fans!

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